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Welcome to Dog Grooming By Sadie! 🐾🛁 I'm your go-to destination for top-notch dog grooming services in Hindley, England, United Kingdom. With years of experience and a passion for pampering pups, I provide personalized 1-2-1 attention to each furry client. At Dog Grooming By Sadie, I understand that every dog is unique, which is why I offer customized grooming sessions tailored to your pet's specific needs. From full grooms to baths, trims, and more, my services will leave your pup looking and feeling their best. I'm dedicated to providing a stress-free and comfortable environment for your furry friend. I use high-quality products and gentle techniques to ensure a safe and enjoyable grooming experience. Whether your pup needs a routine maintenance session or a complete makeover, I've got you covered. With my flexible scheduling, I have spaces available today and throughout the week to accommodate your busy schedule. Don't wait! Give me a call at 07477131005 to book an appointment and treat your furry friend to the ultimate grooming experience at Dog Grooming By Sadie. Your pup deserves the best! 🐶✨

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    Full Groom Long Hair

    Includes styling, clipping and trimming, bath, fluff dry, ear clean, and nail trim. Prices Start from


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    Hand stripping

    Hand Stripping to Breed Standard, soothing bath, dry, ear clean, nail trim. prices start from


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    Puppy Groom

    Feet and face trim, hygiene clip, nail clip, bath including conditioner, ear clean. prices start from


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    Bath and Brush +

    Perfect for in between grooms to help maintain coat. Bath and brush with nails clipped, pads trimmed, hygiene trimmed, ears cleaned and a face trim. prices start from


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    Smooth Hair Full Groom

    Full groom for short haired breeds includes a really good bath, dry, thorough brush, nails clipped, pads trimmed, wrinkles cleaned and ears cleaned. prices start from



Meet Sadie and her dog's Nyx & Lilly


Sadie Mcfall




Chief treat inspector



Captain of head scratches



Toffee's groom


Wouldn't trust anyone else, very patient and does a fantastic job every time




My handsome boy Louis has been groomed by Sadie for around three and a half years now. He’s over six years old and has never enjoyed being groomed from a puppy. We’ve been to a few groomers in his early years but they just weren’t suitable for his needs, mainly because there were a lot of other dogs around him and that made him agitated. So we found Sadie by chance a few years ago and he loved her from day one! He’s such a soft boy, he’s had two operations on both his back legs over the last few years which have been challenging. Sadie treats him with care and grooms him just like her own dogs! I’m the fussiest person going when it comes to who deals with my Louis and I trust Sadie 100%! I’d never consider anyone else, and nor would Louis 😉🥰




Sadie is fantastic and I can highly recommend. She has been grooming Poppy on and off since she was a puppy. Poppy is very nervous before a groom but always comes out happy and looking beautiful. 😍🥰




I would highly recommend Sadie to groom any dog, large or small, calm or nervous, she is awesome. First met Sadie at the Groom Room in Leigh and my boy loved her, adored her in fact. He always came back looking and smelling amazing, nothing was too much trouble, so we followed her round all the Groom Rooms until she finally set up on her own…..we wouldn’t go anywhere else.




I would highly recommend Dog Grooming by Sadie. Sadie is brilliant at what she does. She has years of experience backed up with tons of knowledge.




Amazing service, Sadie did a good job grooming our dog, looked so dapper after visiting Sadie.




She is so good with our little dog, always does her best and always get a great cut and finish. She’s kind gentle but no pushover with these dogs. She’ll be truthful about your expectation an what to expect from a difficult cut. always take the animal welfare seriously and always but the dog first before anything.




Been going to Sadie for my dogs for a good few years now and wouldn't have it any other way. Marley's never been so young 😍




Took my very nervous boy.. who is also a bit of a drama queen ..this is the first time he's come out of the groomers a happy boy and kissing the groomer all over. Would definitely recommend Sadie




Can’t recommend Sadie enough! 💕 We loved having Sadie groom our anxious Cockapoo, Milo when she worked for a large company a few years ago. When we saw her on our Ring doorbell hanging out leaflets for her new business, we booked in straight away! She’s fantastic with our nervous dog. The salon is so chilled and free for Milo to roam around. I was so anxious about taking him to a new environment but he settled so easily. Fantastic groom and cut! So glad to have Sadie back 🤣 xx




I have a Pomeranian named Appa that I trust only to Sadie. There was a time when I was not able to bring Appa to her and I decided to take her somewhere else, huge mistake. One that I will not make again. If you're looking for a dog groomer who is knowledgeable, passionate, and caring, look no further than Sadie. She brings all these things and more to what she does. Thank you Sadie, for always looking after Appa as if she were one of your own fur babies. 🥺🙏🏼❤️🐶❤️




Took our dog Jasper whos a little timid when being groomed but Sadie made him very settled a did an excellent groom. Felt so at ease leaving him with Sadie.would highly recommend.Very professional.


Double trouble


Sadie is such a fantastic groomer and is brilliant with the dogs. I've got 2 chorkies and a cockerjack, Sadie knows how to interact and groom all of them and makes such a fantastic job. I'd highly recommend her to everyone.


Mollie & Archie


Our dogs have loved being groomed and pampered by Sadie again after first meeting her a few years ago. She always takes the time to get to know the dogs and their owners making everybody feel at ease. The dogs came home looking gorgeous, smelling wonderful and most of all very happy! We’ve already got them booked in for their next groom. Thank you!




So glad that we found Sadie! Our dog can be scared of loud noises and hasn’t always enjoyed being groomed but everything was different with Sadie. We felt like she really knew our dog and took extra steps to put our dog, and us, at ease. Our dog looks very well groomed now and Sadie clearly showed care and expertise whilst working with her. We wouldn’t use anywhere else now we have someone who cares about each individual dog. Thank you Sadie.




Sadie is a fantastic groomer. Friendly, professional, accommodating and always does a great job even though Basil can be a bit of a grump. Wouldn't take him anywhere else.




I took my little pug to Sadie she was really good with her and put my mind at rest because Betsy doesn’t like leaving me . She was beautiful when I picked her up and very happy, she’s going back in a few weeks won’t go anywhere else now Thank you Sadie x

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Terms and Conditions

· Dog Grooming By Sadie is a company registered in England at Inside The Paw Wash at 84 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan, Wa2 3an
· As the customer you are required to pay a £20 deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit can be rolled over to any and all future appointments if you so wish. This deposit is to secure against any missed or cancelled appointments and will not be refunded unless 48 hours notice of the cancellation of your appointment. If 2 appointments are missed with out cancelling before the 48 notice then the full price of the last missed appointment must be paid before another appointment can be made with a 50% deposit taken.
· If you as the customer arrive 15 or more minuets late , then we can not guarantee that your appointment will still be available .
· Any pets not collected at the agreed upon time of collection will receive an additional charge of £5 for every 30 minutes they are in holding after the agreed upon collection time that will be stated on their booking card.
· Please make sure your pet has been exercised and had time to relieved themselves before entering the salon so they can receive the maximum enjoyment out of their groom and are not stressed needing the toilet.
· Please do not feed your pet 30 minuets before their groom as they may get uncomfortable getting groomed on a full stomach, but you are more than welcome to bring along any treats that they may like.
· It is the customers responsibility to keep their pet up to date with all vaccinations, flea treatments and worming as Dog Grooming By Sadie will not be held responsible for any illnesses or parasites transmitted to your pet that are preventable through regular vaccinations, flea and worming.
· We will not accept any puppies that have not received all of their recommended vaccines by a veterinarian and only 2 weeks after they have received their second vaccine.
· Any dogs that have received a kennel cough vaccine are only able to come into the salon 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine as it is a live vaccine and can be transmittable for up to 2 weeks.
· You must inform the groomer of any medical/behavioural issues your pet may have and may be asked for a letter of your vet stating that your pet is healthy enough to be groomed before the groom is carried out.
· Whilst every care is taken for your pet being groomed, any pet left within Dog Grooming By Sadie is left entirely at the owners risk.
· We will not groom any dog that has been microchipped or vaccinated with in the last 24 hours.
· We have the right to refuse to groom any pet or serve any customer without reason.
· We have the right to cancel or turn away a groom if it would affect the pets welfare to continue or there is a risk of injury to the grooming team.
· Dog Grooming By Sadie will not be held responsible for any loss of personal items or during the appointment.
· Dog Grooming By Sadie will not shave any double coated dogs for cosmetic purposes we will only shave them in the event of serious matting or under a written letter from your vet for medical reasons.
· Dog Grooming By Sadie will not groom any dog that is ,or is crossed with, a Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasilerio, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhound/Wolfdog or any wolf hybrid. We will not groom any dog that must be registered under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, the Dangerous Dog Act (Amendment) Act 1997 or any further amendments to this Act.
Matted Dogs
· We will do our best to groom your pet to your requirements, however if your pets coat is excessively matted, the matted coat will be shaved out. Depending on the severity of the matted coat, which will be discussed during your pets consultation, there may be an additional charge in addition to the grooming price, with targeted de-matting (such as under the legs and behind the ears) at £5 or general de-matting over the body at £10 for up to a max of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it will be recommended to clip off the coat for the welfare of the pet per our matting and clipping policy.
 · Due to severe matting it may not be possible to achieve the style you want, Dog Grooming By Sadie’s primary concern is to relieve any distress or discomfort to your pet that they may be experiencing as a result of their severely or excessively matted coat.
· Should your pet arrive heavily matted, due to the time it takes and special care needed to remove this, you will be required to sign a matted dog form, which will be explained by your groomer and carries a minimum £10+ charge depending on the type of matting to the total groom price. You will be made aware of any additional charges during your consultation.
Extra Care
· Pets that are in season, pregnant, having a phantom pregnancy or are currently nursing will not be accepted into the salon.
· If your pet is found to have fleas, we will charge an additional fee of £15 in addition to the cost of your groom, your pet will be bathed in a flea shampoo and the salon to be disinfected.
· If your pet is found to have a tick, we will charge a fee of £3 to remove in addition to the cost of the groom. However we advise if your pet has a tick to see your vet, as they are known carriers of disease and my need further treatment.
· Any pets that are deemed at the discretion of the grooming team to be in need of immediate veterinary attention will be taken to the nearest vets an you agree that you the owner will be liable for any resulting additional costs.
· Any dogs that are aggressive towards a member of the grooming team or another pet in our care then they may need to be muzzled. It is the owners responsibility to inform the groomer if they do not wish for their pet to be muzzled. Refusal may result in the groom not taking place.
· We strongly advise you insure your pet. Whilst we take every reasonable precaution to prevent it, we will not take any responsibility for any loss, injury, death or illness suffered by your pet whilst in our care, except to the extent that we are unable to limit or extend our liability.
· If your pet has been unwell in the last 24 hours or appears unwell at the time of the appointment they will not be accepted into the salon for a groom due to the risk of cross infection to other pets.
· Any complaints with regards to Dog Grooming By Sadie must be directed to the Owner of Dog Grooming By Sadie at
· Dog Grooming By Sadie have the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
· You as the customer are responsible for providing honest information to your pets medical/behavioural conditions and any medication they are currently taking in certain circumstances you may be required to supply veterinary confirmation that your pet is in good health to be groomed.
Creative Grooming
If you have chosen a creative/exotic groom as a grooming preference in your pets profile, you need to be aware of and accept the following.
· End results may be different than expected as dye products will react differently on different coat types, this could affect the vibrancy and shade of the colours.
· Colours may fade over time, and can only be permanently removed by cutting the fur. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, I understand the permanency of the dyes used.
· Only pet safe products should be used at the salon, but I am aware that my pet may have a reaction to the product – even if a patch test is carried out first. If you are concerned about the products used, it is advised you contact the groomer directly before booking to understand which brands they use.
Colour transfer may occur on surfaces, including, but not limited to; clothing and furniture. The salon will not be held responsible for colour transference, nor held liable for the cost of removing colour transfer from surfaces.
By signing this agreement you state that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions set forward by Dog Grooming By Sadie.