We strive ourselves in providing friendly and professional loving care for your four legged friend and the environment. All of the products that we use in the salon are 100% natural, SLS free and never tested on animals! With over 20 years combined experience in many sectors of the animal world, we think your pet deserves the best pampering experience, that is why we always use high quality products and we always put your pets welfare first.


Our Services

We provide high quality grooming services in a hygienic, safe, and modern salon. Providing the loving care your pet would receive at home. All of our products are of 100% natural to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible. We cater all of our services around each individual pet to ensure that they have the most relaxing, comfortable experience all while taking in considerations of your pets needs.

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    Full Groom

    The full groom treatment includes: 2 shampoos in natural, eco-friendly shampoos Full dried and brushed out Styled as requested (clipped or trimmed, depending on coat) Nail trim Eye and ear clean Finished off with a natural, long lasting pawfume

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    Mini Groom

    Our mini groom is perfect for in-bewteen full grooms. This includes: 2 shampoos in natural eco-friendly shampoo Dried and fully brushed out Nail trim Face and hygiene trim ( Where Required) Eyes and ears cleaned Finished off with a natural, long lasting pawfume

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    Bath and Brush

    Our bath and brush treatment includes: 2 shampoos in natural eco-friendly shampoo Dried and full brushed out Finished off with a natural, long lasting pawfume

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    Puppy Groom

    A puppy groom is a great introduction into the grooming experience. Within this service the pup will receive: 2 shampoos in a gentle puppy specific shampoo Fully dried and brushed out Nail clip Face, feet and bum trim (including hygiene) Eye and ear clean Finished off with a puppy safe, natural, long lasting pawfume. Ask about about our puppy introduction packages

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    Mini Pamper and Full Pamper

    Our pamper packages are a great way to spoil your pet and treat them to a spa experience. Our mini pamper package can be added onto any grooming treatment and includes: breath freshening treatment, a choice facial treatment (Brightening Bubblegum or Conditioning Aloe), Nose and paw balm application or upgrade to our full pamper to include deeply nourishing conditioner

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    Deshed Treatment

    The deshed treatment is great for dogs with lots of undercoat or dogs who regularly shed. This treatment includes, de-shedding conditioning treatment Fully dried with a high powered blaster to remove any undercoat (depending on breed) Full brush out with de-shedding tools.

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    Small Animal Grooming

    A service especially for your small furry friend. This includes: A natural dry shampoo treatment, Fully brushed out, Eye and ear clean and styling where needed., Nail clip and spritz in natural pawfume (This is a limited service only available every 6 weeks)

Our Team

Meet our team! Cara is the owner and stylist. She is also fully trained in dog grooming, animal handling, canine first aid and canine behaviour. She is also fully trained in breed cuts and pet cuts. She has 4 chihuahuas called Dobby, Ruby, Roman and Gypsy. Her favourite dog breeds are poodles and corgis. Jordan - I've worked in the pet industry for over 10 years now and I am still loving it as much as when I first started! I have a level 3 extended diploma in Animal Management as well as being a qualified Animal Medicines Advisor and can dispense Veterinary Flea and Worming Treatments. I am also trained in areas such as Nutrition, Behaviour and Pet First Aid. I enjoy expanding my knowledge in all aspect of animals. At home I have Fire bellied toads, Hermann's Tortoises, a Corn snake, a Reticulated python, a tropical fish tank and a Japanese Akita called Lola. My favourite dog breeds are Japanese Akitas and Japanese Shiba Inus. Tasha - I’ve been a dog groomer for the past 6 years, and I absolutely love it!I have a miniature Schnauzer called Mollie, and she’s my little princess. I like taking her on walks and getting her all the pup-chinos .In my spare time I like to spend time with friends and family and going to visit my two god daughters I'm a big rugby fan and love Disney movies. Im a big kid at heart but your pooches will be looked after like they are my own!






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