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Fear Free Certified Pet Professional

At DogzBody Spa, we endeavour to make every grooming appointment a positive experience for every dog. Fran is an experienced professional, achieving an Open College Network level 3 Diploma in dog grooming. She has attended many canine-related seminars (in fields such as Canine First Aid, Understanding Canine Body Language and Beginners TTouch) and is an official therapy dog assessor for Canine Concern. She is also a certified Fear Free Practitioner - striving to reduce any stress and anxiety sometimes associated with the dog grooming process. The salon is crate-free. Instead we have a 'chill-out' room where your dog can relax pre and post appointment with brain games and a comfy bed. They may even choose to have a break during the grooming process. Fran will be observing closely at all times to make sure that breaks are taken when necessary.


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DogzBody Spa is a dog grooming salon...with a difference. We offer a bespoke service based on each individual dog's needs. Using human-grade treatments, our shampoos, conditioners and colognes are all selected for being cruelty-free, natural products. Our experienced and qualified (level 3 diploma) groomer incorporates knowledge of canine body language and behaviour to create an unique grooming plan for each individual dog. Every new customer is invited for a 'meet and treat' session at the salon. The goal of this visit is for the dog to associate good things (treats and attention) with our grooming salon, which will ultimately make for less stressful appointments in the future. We will also take the time to discuss your dog's individual needs, along with a coat assessment and styling options. This allows us to tailor-make your dog's appointments depending on their physical and emotional needs. *All pricing given below are FROM prices. Full pricing given during our free 'meet and treat' visit. *Price based on your dogs coat being in reasonable condition, matted dogs require more work so will incur extra charges.

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    Daily DogzBody

    Our most popular package! Perfect for a little extra pampering This package includes: – A bath in natural shampoo – Conditioning treatment (if needed) – Cucumber and melon facial and natural ear cleaner – Fluff dry with stand or hair dryer – Coat styled to agreed or recommended length – Trim of hygiene areas and pads – Face styled and shaped – Nail trim if required – Spritz of perfume


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    DogzBody Do-Up

    Perfect for those in need of a tidy up in-between full grooms. If you want a longer coat length or longer in between your regular grooms, then this is the package for you! This package includes – A bath in natural shampoo (and conditioning treatment if needed) – Fluff dry with a hand held or stand dryer – Full coat comb through – Scissor tidy of the feet and eyes – Trim of hygiene areas and pads – Nail trim if required – Spritz of perfume. Perfect for keeping the coat in tip top condition


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    DogzBody De-shed

    Perfect for those double coated breeds who like to drop their doggo glitter all around your house and those unsuspecting short haired shedders! This package includes: – Coat rake out (for big dogs) Zoom Groom (for small dogs) – A bath in natural shampoo – Conditioning treatment (if needed) – Dry with blaster or hand dryer – Trim of hygiene areas and pads if necessary – Full body comb over – Nail trim if required – Spritz of perfume


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    Diddy DogzBody

    The Puppy Pamper Package Congratulations on your new arrival, what an exciting time! This is the perfect time to get your bundle of joy accustomed to the sights and sounds of the grooming environment. Grooming is part of everyday life for pups and a happy confident dog that enjoys being groomed is just as important as toilet training and socialisation (and it’ll save you money in the long run!) Join us for a gentle, sensory introduction to dog grooming. Over the course of 6 weekly appointments your pup will experience: – Bath and blow dry – Handling experience and confidence on the grooming table – Introduction to the equipment and sights and sounds we will use in a full groom – Handling of paws and feet in readiness for nail clipping. An early introduction is so important for a stress-free life of luxury grooming. Costs start at £100 depending on breed The Puppy Package is only available until 6 months of age


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    DogzBody Handstrip

    A great way to maintain your dog’s natural coat and colour. – Removal of dead hair with various tools – Soothing bath in a natural shampoo – Coat dried with stand or hand drier – Brush out of coat – Trim of hygiene areas and pads – Nail clipping if required – Spritz of perfume


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    Meet and Treat

    To book an appointment with us, we require the dog and owner to visit us for an initial consult. During this, we allow the dog to investigate the salon and enjoy treats - this is so that they associate only good things with coming to visit us. We will also create a client record including important information (such as vaccination records, medical issues etc) and discuss any previous experiences of grooming. Finally, we will assess the coat and talk through styling options. Pricing/services will be confirmed, along with payment of a 50% deposit. This visit is optional for bath-only breeds.


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    DogzBody Deluxe Spa Treatments

    Add any of the following treatments to our packages for that ultimate spa experience: - Paw soak followed by balm (to soothe any dry, cracked skin) £5 - Nose balm £1 - Breath freshener £1 - Handmade bow £2 - Pet-safe glitz spritz, for added sparkle (optional) £3


Our Team

Meet General DogzBody, Fran (Owner and Groomer). - 7 years experience in the industry. - Certified Fear Free Practitioner. - Holds an Open College Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. - Canine First Aid Trained. - Completed an online training module in Canine Body Language under the mentorship of Dr. Rise Van Fleet. - Therapy dog assessor and volunteer for Canine Concern.


Fran Gray

Owner and groomer

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